Strolling Entertainment

Jason Kollum, Juggler, Stilt-Walker and Balloon-TwisterInteractive and engaging entertainment with tons of audience participation!

A PERFECT way to keep all the kids and families entertained!

  • Strolling, or Walk-Around entertainment, is entertainment that is constantly moving around the event, keeping everyone entertained!
  • Features tons of fun interactive and hands-on skills that allow kids to actually try out, and do, a huge variety of tricks!
  • Spinning balls, frisbees, plates, juggling sticks, Chinese Yo-Yo’s (diabolos), all types of juggling props, and skill toys are all used along with lots of comedy!
  • With Strolling Entertainment, kids don’t just watch, but rather they are active and get to BECOME THE JUGGLER through interaction and the opportunity to actually try out tricks for themselves!
  • Strolling Entertainment can take place before or after a performance, or by itself!
  • Also features “mini-shows” that provide a quick display of skills with audience participation!
  • Stilt-Walking can be included as Strolling Entertainment!
  • This is perfect when you want entertainment for kids and families that is fun, interactive, and engaging, but there is no space for a formal live “stage” performance.

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