Cub Scout Programs

“See a Juggler!  Be a Juggler!”

The fun, totally interactive, total-participation Cub Scout show!

The only interactive Juggling show that gets EVERY CUB SCOUT PARTICIPATING!

  • PERFECT for…..Blue & Gold Dinners, Pack Meetings, Cub Scout Summer Camps, and ANY cub scout event!
  • PERFECT for the Tiger Cubs all the way to the Webelos, plus all siblings and families!

Performances every year for thousands of cub scouts, siblings, and their families all throughout the Midwest!

First, it’s the Rock n’ Roll Variety Juggling Show

  • A FUN, dynamic, engaging, 100% interactive comedy variety show performed for all ages of cub scouts, siblings, pack leaders and parents!
  • Tons of energy, movement, audience participation, laughter, and excitement!
  • Incredibly fast juggling, eye-popping big balancing stunts, spinning balls and plates, and lots of visual variety tricks!

Then, as part of the show, the FUN continues as EVERY SINGLE CUB SCOUT PARTICIPATES in the 100% INTERACTIVE workshop!

  • Scouts learn balancing skills with peacock feathers and circus skills with plastic spinning plates!  They learn a mini-routine!
  • Nobody sits out.  Nobody feels left out.  Everyone gets to try!
  • It’s a “Learning by Doing” approach!  Cub scouts don’t just watch a show…they actually get to learn the skills!  They can all do it!
  • This hands-on workshop promotes self-confidence, imagination, good attitude, helps to instill a sense of accomplishment by breaking down a task in order to master new skills, and promotes trying something new and different and DOING YOUR BEST!  Plus, cub scouts learn that mistakes are OK….it’s all part of the learning process!
  • Scouts have tons of fun and they can all do it!  The scouts become the stars!  It’s about what they can do!

Just read what other Cub Scout Leaders have said about “See a Juggler!  Be a Juggler!”

“See A Juggler!  Be A Juggler” is by far the best Blue & Gold entertainment I have had in all my years of scouting!  Jason has a GREAT sense of humor and was very patient with a very active group of scouts.  The hands on workshop was excellent!  Every child participated and had fun!”
–Jennifer Cassidy, Blue & Gold Dinner, Pack 688

“Thank you very much for the AWESOME performance at our Blue & Gold celebration! You adapted, improvised, and performed with great excellence; true qualities of a professional, to “Always Be Prepared!”  The interactive workshop is an outstanding part of your program!” –Dan Dzdrojewski, Blue & Gold Dinner, Pack 516

“You were a fantastic part of our Cub Scout Blue & Gold banquet this year! The scouts LOVED being part of the show!” –Evelyn Antonetti, Blue & Gold Dinner, Pack 37

“I can’t thank you enough for your amazing performance at our Blue & Gold!   Your show was the perfect choice! The kids and parents were completely engaged!  You have a great gift for entertaining children and are terrific at keeping their attention and making them all feel involved.”
–Dana Scott, Blue & Gold Dinner, Pack 173

“Your show tonight was truly fantastic! It’s not easy to keep the attention of that many Tiger Scouts and their families–but you did!  Your comedy and the way you relate to kids is great!  Each and every child wanted to be a part of what you were doing!”
–Debra Atkins, Blue & Gold Dinner, Pack 198

“This was the best time we have had at a pack meeting so far! Every scout in my den has been begging for you to come back.  Thank you so much for the fantastic job and encouraging our scouts to do their best and to try new things!”–Chrysti Becker, Pack Meeting, Pack 1950

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