Jason Kollum, Juggler, Stilt-Walker, Balloon-ArtistThe most interactive Stilt-Walking Juggler around!

  • A huge hit (9 feet tall to be exact!) at ANY event!  Standing high above the crowd!
  • Non-stop Juggling while on Stilts–a special bonus offered all the time!  Jason Kollum moves all throughout the venue or event, with juggling, hilarious comedy, and interactive entertainment, keeping everyone laughing and entertained!
  • Stilt-Walking will never get lost in the crowd, and will always be seen!  Covers the entire grounds at any performance, which means that everyone can be entertained!  What a great way to make an impact!
  • The BEST-looking stilt-walking costumes around!  Truly outstanding!  All professionally designed, high quality, colorful, bright, and bold, and customized for ANY holiday or season, and perfect for any event!
  • Professional costuming, when combined with juggling, comedy, and tons of interaction on stilts, makes him the best choice for a Stilt-Walker!

Colorful costumes available for any general event!
In addition, specially designed costumes are available for themes & holidays including:

  • Christmas (The World’s Tallest Elf)
  • Fall (The World’s Tallest Scarecrow)
  • 4th of July (The World’s Tallest Uncle Sam)
  • Halloween (The World’s Tallest Pirate)
  • St. Patrick’s Day (The World’s Tallest Leprechan)
  • Country Western (The World’s Tallest Cowboy)
  • PLUS The World’s Tallest Elvis; a Caribbean, Mardi-Gras, Cinco de Mayo, and Tuxedo themed Stilt-Walker, and much more!

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