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See a Juggler!  Be a Juggler!

The 100% Total-Participation, Interactive, Kids & Family Library Show!

It’s a solid 1 hour long program (can be 45 minutes if needed) where EVERYBODY PARTICIPATES!

Seen at libraries all over the Midwest, with performances for thousands of kids and families every year!

First, it’s The Rock n’ Roll Variety Juggling Show!

  • A fun, engaging, 100% interactive big family show for ALL ages of  kids plus parents!
  • Tons of energy, movement, audience participation, laughter and excitement!
  • Eye-popping balancing, juggling, and variety stunts!
  • Promotes reading, imagination, discovery, and trying something new!

Then, EVERYBODY PARTICIPATES in the big workshop!  Tons of Fun!  Totally Interactive!

  • Every child learns balancing skills with peacock feathers and beginning juggling skills with slow-moving juggling scarves!
  • PERFECT for all ages of kids!  The kids become the real stars!  They can all do it!
  • Everybody participates!  Nobody sits out!  Nobody feels left out!  It’s a perfect parent-child activity!
  • Imagine an entire room of kids and families all participating at the same time at Jason’s library program!

See a Juggler!  Be a Juggler!…The Teen Program!

Looking for a program that will be fun, entertaining, and interactive for teens?  ”See a Juggler!  Be a Juggler!” is PERFECT for this age group.  However, as the kids are older, they get to try out even a bigger variety of hands-on juggling skills not done in the family show.  Teens get to learn juggling skills with beanbag balls, and skills with plastic spinning plates, Chinese Yo-Yo’s (diabolos), and more!  Each teen workshop starts off with a small comedy demonstration of professional juggling skills with audience participation!   A great perform for the older bunch!

Build a Balloon: The Balloon-Twisting Workshop where YOU become the Balloon-Twister!

For details about this entirely different type of workshop program, please visit Balloon Twisting Workshops.

Just a few of the wonderful comments Jason Kollum has received about the “See a Juggler!  Be a Juggler!” library program at a public library near you…

“The best program we have had all summer long!”
–Nancy Lance, Youth Librarian, North Manchester Public Library

“I brought my kids to see your performance at the Winnetka Public Library!  My son, Wilson, cannot stop talking about you!”
–Katie Wright, mom who brought her kids to see the show

“The whole crowd was roaring with laughter & the kids are still talking about how much fun they had!  The program was, without question, one of the best we’ve had here at the library!”–Jennifer Thompson, Youth Services, New Lenox Public Library

“Your program was great!  Usually just 1 or 2 kids get a chance to participate in a show like this, but I loved how your program got everybody participating!”
–Regina George, Youth Services, Covington Public Library

“Best Program we have seen all year!  Just wanted to say how wonderful it was.”
–Carolyn, brought her granddaughter to see the show at North Manchester Public Library

“Your program was excellent!  I was impressed how you kept the attention of a crowd of 180 people of all ages for an entire hour!”
–Janet Dumas, Children’s Librarian, Wheaton Public Library

“See a Juggler!  Be a Juggler!” was fantastic!  Kids and parents were engaged, with everybody moving and laughing!”
–Rose Johnson, Youth Services, Indian Trails Public Library

“Thank you so much for a great show!  You packed the house!  Our patrons loved it and asked us to have you back again in the future!”
–Kathy Burns, School Services Librarian, Palatine Public Library District

“Jason was such an imaginative and engaging performer. My boys and I were delighted with the whole show. His tricks, audience participation and experimentation were inspirational. Thanks so much for inviting him to Ann Arbor!”
–Parent who brought her kids to my juggling show at the Ann Arbor Library.

“Over 100 children of all ages were enthralled with your juggling and sense of humor.  It is amazing how you held everyone’s attention for an hour!”
–Ruth Anne Mielke, Manager of Youth Services, Bartlett Public Library

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