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See a Juggler!  Be a Juggler!

The positive-attitude building total-participation assembly program!

First, it’s the Variety Juggling School Assembly Show!

  • A fun, engaging, 100% interactive live show for students ages PreK through 5th grade.
  • Tons of energy, movement, audience participation, laughter and excitement!
  • Eye-popping balancing, juggling, and variety stunts!
  • Messages of having good character, anti-bullying, taking healthy risks, and overcoming challenges are all intertwined within the upbeat performance that kids can relate to!
  • Bright, colorful backdrop, and a powerful PA system, microphone, and music are provided for every performance.

Then, EVERY STUDENT PARTICIPATES in the interactive skills workshop!  Tons of Fun!  Totally Interactive!

  • Jason works with each grade level at your school during their PE class, leading all students in hands-on, total-participation workshops where EVERY STUDENT participates!  It’s “Learning by Doing!”
  • Skills taught during workshops are all age-appropriate!  Students get to learn balancing skills with peacock feathers, juggling skills with slow-moving colorful juggling scarves and beanbag balls, skills with plastic spinning plates, Chinese Yo-Yo’s (diabolos) and even juggling rhythm/flower sticks.
  • The kids become the real stars!  They can all do it!
  • Everybody participates!  Nobody sits out!  Nobody feels left out!
  • Imagine an entire room of students all participating at the same time, having tons of fun, while feeling good about themselves because they are able to learn a new skills!  Mistakes are OK…it’s all part of the learning process!

For the Older Students

Total-Participation, interactive workshops are perfect for 6th grade and up!   Each workshop starts off with a short comedy demonstration of professional juggling skills with audience participation.  Then, students get to try out more advanced skills appropriate for their age level, including beanbag ball juggling, plate spinning, and skills with Chinese Yo-Yo’s.


  • Assembly Show plus total-participation workshops are designed to fit YOUR school schedule!  The live performance runs 40 minutes, and each workshop runs between 20-45minutes, depending on the length of each PE class or the time that we set together.
  • Provide information on the # of students in each grade level, and how much time you might be looking for, and Jason Kollum will put together a sample schedule that will work for your school!
  • Discounts are available for booking multiple, back-to-back performances at the same school, or two schools within a short driving distance.
  • Inquire on the costs for just an assembly show, for a show+1 total-participation workshop, or for a half-day program or a full-day program.
  • Just total-participation workshops for all, or some, grade levels can be booked as well! Each workshop starts off with a short comedy demonstration of professional juggling skills.

Family Night Program

“See a Juggler!  Be a Juggler!” works perfect as a Family Night Program!  Kids, younger and older siblings, & parents all get to learn balancing and juggling skills together, with everybody participating at the same time!  It’s fun for the whole family!

Just a few of the wonderful comments Jason Kollum has received about the “See a Juggler!  Be a Juggler!” school assembly program:

“I just wanted to say that you were FANTASTIC!  All the teachers were thrilled and so many moms at last night’s PTA meeting said their kids came home raving about the performance.”
–Joanne Tuianna, PTA, St. Zachary School

“You really made our Catholic Schools Week special.  The workshops were amazing!  The children not only left the workshops excited about what they saw, but more importantly, each child left the workshop excited about what they can do.  You were able to make each and every person feel successful!  Each person left that workshop feeling proud of themselves!  We would love to have you come back again in the future.”
–Mary Boehm, Peru Catholic School

“What fantastic shows you did for my two educational facilities this past school year! The best part was the way you involved them!  It amazed me how you were able to keep the attention and enthusiasm of this varied age group.  There were kids ages 5-12 all in one small room and they were mesmerized!   Wow it was a great day for our center when you performed!”
–Valerie Gangware, Temple Chai and Kindergarden Enrichment Teacher, Jewish Council for Youth Services

“The kids truly enjoyed your program, and you handled all the different age groups with ease! Just the other day I saw a parent of a fourth grader from Wesley and she mentioned what a great time her children had, her daughter could not stop talking about how she could now spin plates!” –Carrie Nelms, PTO Committee, Wesley Elementary School

“The show was great and the workshop was so much fun!  The students, teachers, and parents loved it!  It was funny and amazing! “
–Karie Cotillo, PTO, Mt. Greenwood Elementary School

“It was great!  Lots of enthusiasm and excitement.  A perfect end of year assembly. Thanks for a great show.  I certainly would recommend you to other schools.”
–Jeana Considine, Principal, Elm Elementary School

“We had a wonderful time and were so glad you came!  The best feedback I got was from Mrs. Conner, one of our P.E. teachers.  She said, “The teachers enjoyed the shows as much as the kids because every grade level had a different show.  The kids got to try different activities based on their skill levels.”
–Jenelle Keene, Robeson Elementary

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